Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm Back!

Well, I'm back from D.C. Will tell everyone more about the trip later. I have to be at school in an hour (got home about 2:30 this morning...flight in ended at roughly midnight) but just checking in.

The first thing I noticed when I got home ws that my supposed Slider Sonic was just a UTStarCom Slice! So I'm on hold with Virgin Mobile to get that straightened out.

The second thing I did cell phone related was get my brand new phone cable and hook my Cyclops to my computer. i successfully loaded GMail Mobile onto the phone after about fifteen minutes and now I'm much happier with that email experience on the phone. Plus, since I'm paying for web, I don't have to pay anything extra to use it. Which is always nice. In a week I'll be out of school (yay graduation!) and will have more time to fool around with the phone...

...but for now, that's about it. See everyone later!


Anonymous said...

welcome back!

Anonymous said...

The tracfone w370 is now available at kmart also. Is it available anywhere else other than target and kmart?

Turk said...

The Tracfone Moto w370 was also available at one of my many Walmarts...so there you go, they're at: Walmarts, K-marts, and Targets, (go figure) all selling at $50 unless they're on sale for $45.

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Turk said...

First off: welcome back Ian, I hope you enjoyed your trip to D.C., (hope you were marching on Capital Hill in protest demanding better prepaid phones!...Wooooooooo!...LOL).

I want to thank Jacgues for filling in for you, he did a good job while you were gone.


I was in one of my many Walmarts today and saw some new Tracfone/Net10 phone prices, here is everything I know:

* Tracfone Moto c139 - $15
* Tracfone Moto v170 - $18.50
* Tracfone Moto w370 - $45

* Net10 Moto v176 - $70
* Net10 Nokia 1600 - $30

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Anonymous said...

I had noticed the new Trac/Net10 prices as well, and also noticed that the T-Mobile ToGo Nokia 6030 actually went up $10 to $40! I bet is is some sort of marketing gimmick that Wal-Mart has planned. In a few weeks, they'll do a "Rollback" and bring the price down a bit. (You can still get the 6030 at a T-Mo store for $30.

Anonymous said...

i've been trying to get ringtones 4 my w370 off the tracfone website, it keeps saying there was a problem authorizing my account. What does this mean and how can i fix it?

John said...

im going to buy the two for tracfone deal ,,, cdma online the 2126 is a great little phone by the way.......it comes with two sixty minute cards...any clues on how to maximise this with bonus codes etc? Thanks...

Turk said...

John...are you planning on adding the two 60 min. cards to the Nokia 2126?...is that what you mean?...thanks.

John said...

Yes...and maybe buy two and used the cards on the first one, then use the battery for my Virgin nobile shorty, which has a weak battery =P

Turk said...

1. When you get your phone/phones, activate them on Tracfones website to get 20 minutes added to both phones...during activation, see if your phone qualifies you for "free 30 minutes" on future airtime redemptions, starting with the second card added.

2. Then go to www.tracfone.com and sign each phone up for the "Tracfone Insider" (you'll need two different email address's, one for each phone), it gives you 20 free minutes on your next card redemption, just follow the instructions in the emails from Tracfone...wait til you get the email back saying you are now a Tracfone insider, its takes about 4-5 days.

3. After you get the emails back from Tracfone...add one card to each phone using promo code "51283", it gives you an extra free 60 mintues on each card.....Each phone should now have on it:

* 20 min. - activation
* 60 min. - card #1
* 60 min. - promo code
* 20 min. - Trac.Insider

If you dont get the free 20 min. from Tracfone Insider, call them up and tell them what happened, they'll add it to your phone.

4. Add the next card to the ONE PHONE your gonna keep and use, this time use promo code "58298" when adding your card for an extra free 30 minutes.

* By this time you should also receive the free 30 minutes also from the "30 min. for life" during activation.

5. Add the last card to that same phone and use one of these promo codes for an extra free 20 minutes: 51206, 56024, 52636, 56084, 55698.

* You should get another free 30 minutes from the "30 min. for life" during activation.

6. Then call Tracfone and have them transport all the minutes from phone #2 to your good phone, then use the battery from phone #2 for your Nokia Shorty.

* In the end (you do the math) lol...you should have a ton of minutes and time on your good phone...it does take some time to do all of this, but in the end its worth it.

I hope this helps you out, if you have anymore questions just ask, but for now my brain hurts. (lol).....I am out...Turk.

Turk said...

Ok John, I did the math...if this all goes according to plan...you should have like 550 minutes and 11-12 months of service on your good phone.

John said...

K thanks Turk =)I shall order a two fer 2126, by the way if you click on details these are single rate 2126 just like the dollar store ones...weeeeeeeeeee