Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ian is still on vacation... & Centennial MyPhone

As a reminder, Ian is on his senior class trip and I am looking after his blog in his absence.

In today's cell phone world, you would expect all wireless providers, pre and post paid to provide caller ID and voicemail standard, well then Centennial MyPhone is NOT for you.

Centennial MyPhone is the prepaid service of Centennial Wireless, who's postpaid side is known for "Every Call/Text You Get Is Free"... well... on their prepaid side... it gets a little trickier.
Calls are 20cpm (40cpm roaming)
Text messaging is 10c (sent or received)
Caller ID is available for 10cpd
Voicemail is also available for 10cpd

Cards and expirations are as follows...
$20 - 30 days
$40 - 60 days
$60 - 90 days
$80 - 120 days
***note if you spring for both Caller ID and Voicemail, this will take $5.60 to $6.20 from your balance depending on which month you are in***

Additional Information about this service is available at Centennial MyPhone's Website

As you have to physically go to a Centennial Retail Location to order this service I personally will not be trying this service.

Please feel free to leave comments on your impressions of this service, and if you have tried this service, please feel free to leave comments of your experience with this service.

On Tomorrow's Blog Agenda...
-Reader Impressions of HEB/Fusion Mobile
-Reader Impressions of Centennial MyPhone
-Items of Interest from HowardForums, ,, or similar.

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