Friday, May 18, 2007

Blogsitting Update

Actually got an answer to my request so my trip is taken care of as far as this blog goes. Looks like the person I'm working with has some really neat posts ready to rock, so I'm good there. I won't be able to bring a phone on the trip, so no pictorial journal of the whole thing, but I will be able to have computer access for a little while each night during the journey, so that's good.

By the way, I just got my prize from WhoGets: $80 in Staples gift cards! Better for me than a printer anyway...:) Thanks guys...and yes, this goes to show that the site works.

as to the Motorola w370, if anyone wants to buy that for me I'll PayPal them $55 to do so. Yeah, I know, this is like a classified ad post but there are a few things I need to get out of the way. Anyway, just email me and I'll give shipping information and suchlike if you feel like getting the phone so I can review it.

Hmm...looks like there's nothing new on the prepaid front *scans horizon*. Nope...unless something comes up before tonight you'll be hearing from someone else for the next week and a half. Hope things have been good for these last 500 posts, and hope to do another 500 just as good or better!

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