Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tracfone Promo codes

I jsut added airtime to my dad's Nokia 2126 (will add a double minute card to my mom's later today) and was looking for some good promotional, from Yahoo Groups' tracfone_users database here are the good ones:

58695 - 100 extra units on a 1-year card
51283 - 60 extra units on a 60+ minute card
51206, 56024, 52636, 56084, 55698 - 20 extra units on a 60+ minute card
58298 - 30 extra units on a 60+ minute card
57676 - 30 extra days on a 60+ minute card

Those are the best ones, as far as I can tell, taht are still working. Take a look at the Tracfone_Users Yahoo group for more...hope this helps everyone!


Anonymous said...

where do i enter these codes at?

Turk said...

If you add your minute card to your phone on Tracfones website, there is a place to enter these promotion codes after you enter your minute card code.

If you add your minute card straight to your phone in the prepaid menu, you just add the 5 digit promotion code at the end of your minute card code....I hear some newer phones have a promotion code section now on their prepaid menu, and you add it there instead of right after your minutes code.

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