Saturday, May 12, 2007

GrandCentral: Call Forwarding To Whatever You Use

I just signed up yesterday for xxx-88x-POEM, which forwards to my Cyclops. And, if need be to my LG 3280 Tracfone. And if need be to another cell. Whatever it forwards to, things are pretty neat with GrandCentral.

You get to pick your number, and they have numbers in all the major cities that I can see, and you can configure your "ringback tone" if you want, and set up voicemail, etc. Plus, it's all free right now! I have to say, now I don't feel so guilty that I'll be changing my cell number relatively often to keep up with my sometimes voracious minute needs (I talked an unthinkable half hour on my phone last night...most of my calling was after 7 p.m. but still same cost for me), because no matter what number I'm on people can still reach me. Coolness.

Oh, and you can get your own number at


Anonymous said...

I'm suprised you are just now trying this...what I especially like is, if someone leaves a message, when you check it you can press 2 and it will call them back and your Grand Central number shows up on their caller ID.


Anonymous said...

GrandCentral's Call Return is indeed useful and cost-effective for long distance calls. Currently, GrandCentral forwards freely to Canada as well. GrandCentral users can also link a GizmoProject account to get a free incoming soft(ware)phone which can receive calls anywhere globally with sufficient internet access. At least for now, GrandCentral's address book can even connect North American long distance calls for free.