Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Calling the Turk! Calling the Turk!

*Reads the title* yeah, that's about right. Email me, man.

For everyone else, I'm going to get the Motorola w370 soon, but I won't be reviewing it until very early June. Why? I'm going to be in Washington D.C. starting Saturday (10-day senior trip) and after that it's graduation. After that I'll have enough time to do a nic ereview of this phone. Hope this helps everyone!

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Turk said...

Well, well, well...looks like boy wonder is calling on Turk, the Super Genius (with a tested IQ of 166...woooooooo!) lol.....whats up Ian, what'cha need?...your not asking me to go to the prom with ya, are you!?...Wooooooo!...lol (just kidding).
I dont know your email address?...let me know whats up...I am out...Turk