Friday, January 25, 2008

Net10 Gets Slightly Better

Well Net10 is back to their old policy. That policy being giving you 300 minutes and 60 days of service with every new Net10 phone, rather than only giving the airtime to you as bonuses of 100 minutes per refill. Probably this happened to attract customers, which had been sort of lost due to the change from this policy to the "bonus minutes" one for a few months (since August). Hey, it's a good deal, so that's all good with me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

T-Mobile To Go Gives Away $25 Cards...Again

Looks like T-Mobile is giving new phone purchasers a $25 airtime card again, as long as the phone they're buying is above $25. The Nokia 6030, back again at $20, doesn't have the card, but everything from the $30 Nokia 2610 up does. Hmm...that 2610 is a good phone for five bucks. As is the Moto v195 or $15. Check it out if you're in the maret for a T-Mobile phone...or a refill card for that matter if you think a backup phone would be cool.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Virgin Mobile Lowers Phone Prices

Well, looks like Virgin Mobile hasn't been subsidizing their handsets enough. Or something like that. Because they've reduced the prices of two of their phones. The relatively new LG Aloha is now down to a mere $15, on equal footing with the Kyocera Marbl. Not sure which one is better; the Marbl was surprisingly better than its non-Virgin Mobile counterpart, so maybe the LG Aloha wil present a similar tale of success. Ad for the review?

Oh, and the Kyocera Cyclops is down to $50...a quick search will bring up my review on it. Considering all the features packed into the little phone, it might even be worth the $50, but that's only if you don't particularly value your battery life. Or phone construction. Still waiting on that new wave of awesome Virgin Mobile handsets to make their ways onto the scene.

Speaking of Cyclops, there's a red version now on the loose. It looks just as plasticly as ever, and costs an extra $10, but hey, if lipstick-red is your deal (my favorite color is red but not favorite enough to buy such a phone again) then this might be an alternative to the more passive white Cyclops.

Speaking of $50, the Cyclops is now in exact line with the Super Slice pricing-wise. Again...if I remember correctly (I'm too lazy to look back at my previous posts) the Slice started at $60, the same price that the Cyclops has carried for awhile now...well, until a day or two ago. So choose your poison: no Bluetooth and disgusting battery life or a mere VGA camera in a mere bar phone. Both available at the same price as, when it was introduced, the original UTStarCom Slice.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Page Plus Cellular FAQ

Just found this on HowardForums and it's an amazing rundown of all the great stuff about Page Plus Cellular. Check it could even get some free high-speed Verizon EV-DO internet :)

EDIT: Some stuff requires activating a Verizon INPulse line on the same phone, for those o you who wanted me to clarify ;)