Monday, May 22, 2006

Verious Announcements

Sorry for the long wait between posts. I have been pretty busy. And the last time I tried to post I accidentally got out of the Blogger window, sending 20 precious minutes or so of my time down the drain!

First, let me do some announcements. Then, in another, later, post I'll get back to my reviews of STi and MovilListo.

1. The sweeps is almost over. If anyone wants to get a prize sign up on the Free iPods link in the linkbar, and have six other people do the same. Otherwise, on June 1st, no phones for anyone (the prize would otherwise be a nice Boost i285).

2. I have ordered both the Nokia 1100 and the Motorola c139 on Tracfone as of Sunday, mostly for the minutes but (as evinced by my getting the c139 over the more-minutes 1100 for a second time) also to review the phones. I'm looking forward to telling everyone how the new c139, now $20 at, works.

3. Cingular's Nokia phones are now cheaper on GoPhone. The 6010 is $40 new (wow! Finally in line with what TMo is charging) and the 6061, a phone that is sadly inadequate, is $40 as well, except it's refurbished. The Nokia 6020 is still $30 refurbed though. I'd get it...

4. Net10 now has a $150 1-ytear card (instead of $300) and their 6-month card is now $100. So you can now get 10-cents-a-minute service for just $12.50 a month. Pretty cheap if you ask me. Also, their cheapest phone, a refurbed Nokia 1100, is $40 with $30 in airtime. The Motorola c139, in silvery color, is $60 with the same amount of funds preloaded. Groovy.

5. I've ordered a data cable for my LG 225 cameraphone to use to access the internet using CDMA 1x, which is about twice as fast as my current connection (dialup). I'll post here with instructions about how I got the dang thing to work.

6. Hmmm...T-Mobile's Nokia 6010 is now $50 on their website. Ah well. You can just get the phone from Cingular and unlock it anyway...

So those are all the announcements I have. I'll be back sometime later with more on the Samsung a820 and the MovilListo Siemens a56...