Thursday, November 29, 2007

Page Plus and About Me

First off, if you want to know what I'm doing in college etc. take a quick hike to my personal site. The link is to your right. I'll not post info here because that means I'd have to update it as well as updating my personal site. Check it out.

Second, Page Plus Cellular has a brand new look and feel. Well, really nothing has changed about anything they sell in terms of their absolutely amazing rate plans. But they did add a few new(er) phones, the LG vx3200, the LG vx6100 and the Samsung a670, all for $50 or less. Not too bad.

They also introduced a new rate plan: get unlimited nights and weekends (starting at 9 pm) for 99 cents per day. I'd personally snore through this, as it increases text messaging costs to well over a minute of airtime (15 cents per message vs. 12 cents) however someone may find it nice to be able to get nights and weekends on the cheap with this service. Seeing as how if you buy an $80 card the price for the feature drops to about 47 cents per day. Still, I'd rather have cheap text than nights and weekends that cost me a little more than eight regular minutes per day I have them available. I'm on a contract plan and probably wouldn't make such an addon worthwhile if my nights started at 9 p.m. (since I'm using Sprint they start at 7 p.m.)

Hope this news bit helps someone out there :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tracfone\Net10 Update

Hello everyone. Sorry for not posting in so long. etween a hard college and a small business I'm quite busy. But anyway, here are some updates. Shoulda, woulda, coulda posted some Black Friday deals when they were available, but didn't. Sorry about that. The best thing to do in such cases is look at the Go4Prepaid Forum for up-to-date info, contributed by the great folks who have registered over there and post there.

Anyhow, first Tracfone...

Tracfone has a lot of new pormo codes! Go to the forum and click the Promotional Codes topic in the main board for the newest (HUGE) list. In time for Thanksgiving, Tracfone really outdid themselves in giving extra minutes for the money.

Also, phone deals are great right now. Though on the CDMA side it's just a free Kyocera K126 with a 120-minute card, a free LG 200c with a 1-year card and a free LG 3280 (in my opinion now a better phone due to its external antenna than the 200c...which I'll eventually review) with a double minute card, GSM zips are rife with deals.

For exampleL available in all areas, the Motorola c139 is $15 with a double-minute card or $20 with two 60-minute cards. Yes, ladies and gentlemen: the twofer is back. In T-Mobile areas, you also get your choice of the Motorola c155 or c139 with purchase of a 1-year card. Or the Motorola v170 with a double-minute 1-year card.

But best of all are the AT&T-land deals. In addition to the aforementioned Motorola c139 twofer deal, you can get a Motorola v176 free with a 1-year card. Or a Motorola c261 with a double-minute one-year card. Or, best of all, buy a 200-minute card and get a Motorola c261 for free. Of course, all of these "free phones" are refurbished, but the 200-minute card deal is just plain awesome. I don't think you can find a cameraphone with 200 minuets of airtime elsewhere for $40. Or pay $50 more and get a double-minute card to add to the fun. But wait...couldn't you just grab a $15 Motorola c139...yeah, it's pretty sweet in terms of Tracfone phone deals right now.

Now on to Net10...

...which hasn't changed their deals as far as I can tell. But they've added two phones: the reasonably midrange, camera-less LG 1500 for $59.99, and the all-new camera-packing version of the Motorola w370, this time in black, the w375...for $80. The w370 has been reduced to $70. So now you have a decent choice of cameraphones on Net10: for $80 you can get either a Motorola bar phone or a Motorola external-display-less flip (though the colored icons are really cool). Or for $90 get the LG 225, that does have an external screen. Sweet.

You can't get these deals in non-AT&T areas (or zip-code-lookups rather, by changing tech= in your web browser to GSM4). But you can still get a Nokia 1600 with 300 minutes of airtime plus another $30 in bonus airtime (added in $10 blocks as you add airtime cards) if you so desire...for $30. On the CDMA side the Kyocera K126 is $30, and the LG 200c is $50, $10 less than my parents got theirs for at Wal-Mart. Though I wish Tracfone would come out with a truly signal-rich CDMA phone on Net10, because the LG 200c...isn't quite.

Anyway, hope this updates people with regard to the prepaid scene just a bit. More stuff coming later. And of course check out the forum! There's a ton of prepaid info there.