Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ian is on Vacation & HEB Mobile/Fusion Mobile

As Ian has informed you previously, he is on vacation with his senior class.

Ian asked for volunteers to babysit his blog in his absence, and I was chosen to do such.

First, a brief introduction about me:
Name: Jacques Miller
Location: Broussard, LA
Educational Credentials:
-Attaining Associated of Applied Science Degree, Office Systems Technology, Louisiana Technical College- Lafayette Campus, Fall 2007
Age: 22
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Now... on with the show
HEB Mobile is an exact clone of Fusion Mobile, so this posting will cover both services.
Both services run on the Sprint CDMA network. All "plans" feature unlimited nights and weekends, and Wireless web is available for about 1/4th the price of Cingular's prepaid offerings (after the daily fee, of course)

This service features the older Moto v120e, the Nokia 3588i, both at about $50.
Others featured are Samsung and Sanyo models priced at about $70 and 90 respectively.


Freedom Plans with Free Unlimited Nights and Weekends and Keep Your Unused Minutes

Plans Peak Minutes Access Days Free Unlimited
Nights and Weekends*
Domestic Long Distance
$20 90 15 FREE Included
$35 150 30 FREE Included
$55 350 30 FREE Included
$75 500 30 FREE Included
$100 800 30 FREE Included
* Free Unlimited Night Minutes start at 9pm on weeknights and last until 7am the next morning. Free Unlimited Weekend Minutes start at 9pm Fridays and last until 7am Mondays. A customer must have a positive minute balance in their account to place a call. All plans include free caller ID, free call waiting, voice mail and free 3 way calling capabilities.

As you can see this is intended to be a monthly service, and includes nights and weekends on all plans. For the glovebox prepaid user... this IS NOT the service to go with.

Additional Services are available with this service, and are as follows:

Unlimited Walkie-Talkie: Just 50¢ a day!

Use Unlimited Walkie-Talkie to all Fusion Mobile and Powered by Fusion Mobile customers for just 50¢ a day. Best of all, Walkie-Talkie doesn't use any of your plan minutes.

Picturemail with Wireless Web: Just 30¢ a day plus data usage
Send three Picturemails (MMS) for only 18¢ each. Now you can send as many Picturemails as you want for just 30¢ a day plus data charges of .235¢ per 10Kb transferred. That's just 8¢ for a 35Kb Picturemail (MMS) in and out.

Wireless Web: Just 20¢ a day plus data usage
Surf the wireless web for just 20¢ a day plus .235¢ per 10Kb transferred (that's 12¢ for every 50Kb transferred). Check your email, look up movie times and see sports scores for just pennies a day. (Source:

the HEB Mobile service offerings are identical to Fusions, so Fusion's links are a perfect comparison of HEB Mobile's services.

Now... you have been introduced to HEB Mobile and Fusion Mobile. Please feel free to comment on your impressions of these services and if you have tried these services please feel free to comment on your experience with either of these services.

Tomorrow's blog agenda:
-Reader impressions of HEB Mobile/Fusion Mobile
-Centennial MyPhone
-Any Breaking News that May Occur

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