Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Out Of Stock Tracs?

I just checked Tracfone's website and the following are "out of stock". Which means, hopefully, that they'll be replaced...

Cingular (GSM4)

Motorola c155 "twofer" deal - Hopefully this means that they're running low on phones, so they're coming out with a different one, not that they're stopping the deal altogether...strangely the regular refurbished phone isn't out of stock...

Motorola w370 - No surprise here...the phone just came'll be in stock soon...

Motorola v176 - Not much surprise here...the site refers to retail sotres...I'll bet Tracfone sold the last of them in their own warehouses before they put the w370 up.

T-Mobile (GSM5)

Motorola c155 "twofer deal" - See above

Actually, for T-Mobile, all "free phone" offers are "out of stock". Wierd. Leaving the option of buying refurb ($10) or new Moto c155s, or c139s ($15), or the Motorola v170 ($40).

Dobson CellOne (GSM6)

Um...let's just say choices are limited. The only phones in stock are the refurbished and new Motorola c155s. Hmph.

Let's just hope this means tomorrow or the next day Tracfone revamps their lineup to include such phones as the Nokia 1112 (they've gotta have some refurbished ones by now) or even the Motorola c139 refurbished. It would also be really nice to see the new phones come up and the Motorola w370 come online...

But anyhow I have a Cyclops review to do :)

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