Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cyclops Update

Hmmm...the Cyclops is actually getting better battery life now. Guess the battery just needed some breaking in, which is odd but explicable. I estimate that I'm now getting 60+ (maybe evn 72) hours of battery life between charges on my Cyclops with medium usage of texting, voice, IM and web. Which isn't so bad. Guess it might just be that this phone sucks battery when searching for a signal.

P.S. Anyone want to grab a Motorola w370 for the benefit of Go4Prepaid? Looks like they cost about $55 shipped (and minus a $5 bonus from FatWallet.com) so drop me a line and I'll pay for the order...Tracfone, as you remember, doesn't like me anymore...:)


John said...

Yeah ..Check the backlight options..make sure it doesnt stay on.Check it in a dark place.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't tracfone like u anymore? just asking.

Anonymous said...

I have found that most CDMA phones really suck down the battery when searching for a signal. My prior Kyocera phones were notoriously bad about that. My experience with GSM phones is that they don't drain the battery as quickly when searching.