Friday, May 25, 2007

More Tracfone Information!

First of all, the Turk has provided the following opinion of the Motorola w370:

It has some of the bells and whistles of better phones, except a camera.

Its kind of neat when you first look at it or hold it, but (for me) after about 1 minute that wore off and I realized how cheap this phone is made.

It has a real cheap plastic feel to it, that if you drop it, step on it, or accidentally sit on it, it'll explode like a blown out tire (lol).

The keypad is a thin rubber pad that if you have sharp nails you could cut right through it.

I had this phone beside a Moto Krazr, and believe me its no Krazr, just a Krazr wanna be.

I think internally it has good qualities but not externally...personally, I wouldn't buy it and I dont think its worth the $50, maybe $25...I would have to agree with you and say Nokias do make great phones.

* Remember: this is just the Turk's opinion!

And... John has informed us that the Nokia 2126 is the current $19.99 two-fer offer on the CDMA side. The Motorola c139 is the two fer offer on the GSM side.

Unless some breaking news in the prepaid arena occurs... we'll have more tomorrow!


Logan said...

It seems that has been changed for the better. Personally I think it looks much better now.

Logan said...

also this may be old news but the slider sonic is now $80 with $20 of free airtime.