Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tracfone Value Plan

Tracfone has introduced (or actually really re-introduced and re-tooled their older plans) some value plans. Most notable is the Family Value plan. Most notable is the ELIMINATION of the

A listing of the plans are as follows.

Compare the value plan benefits

Program Service Days included Minutes included Price
50 Minutes Value Plan 30 service days 50 Minutes $9.99
Family Value Plan 30 service days 50/30 MINUTES*** $9.99/$5.99*
Lifeline Value Plan 30 service days (none) $4.95**

* Enroll the first TRACFONE for $9.99 per month and up to four more TRACFONEs for just $5.99 per month each in the FAMILY Value Plan.
** The $4.95 fee is only charged when your TRACFONE goes past it's service end date.
***50 MINUTES (1st Phone) / 30 MINUTES (Additional Phone) (source

What you don't see is the Double Minutes AutoPay (or what would be called the Double Minutes Value Plan) but that is probably because Value Plan members can purchase an additional bucket of 50 minutes for $10 and an additional bucket of 100 minutes for $20 (which is 67% more minutes than retail.)

Unless there is breaking news... More Tomorrow!


forex said...

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Turk said...

I saw in the ADS today that K-mart has the Tracfone Moto w370 on sale this week for $45.

Here's a thought: I wish Tracfone would put out some "high end" phones...I'm tired of these "average" or "low end" phones they produce...I know they are decent phones at a low price, but I wish they would put out some big time phones as well, like the Moto RAZR or KRZR...most of the other prepaid companies have "cheap and expensive phones" out, why cant Tracfone do the same?.....I bet there are many people out there that are willing to pay $100-$200 on a prepaid phone as long as its a top of the line model...I know I would pay more money if Tracfone would put out a top notch phone...I'm tired of Tracfone taking "baby steps" into the future when other prepaid companies are already there!!!!

"If you smelllll...what the!"

Wishing everyone a "Happy Memorial Day"

John said...

turk add virgin mobile to that list...for pete's sake let's have some quality phones...Sprint seems to be able to get their hands on some pretty nice ones and after all they run on their own network so there you go...sanyo, samnsung, nokia flips....etc... =D.


The Sweeper said...

Wal Mart has dropped the price of the Net10 Nokia 1600 to $29.98 (from 39.98). So, in essence, you're getting the phone for free as it comes with 300 minutes ($30).

There's been reports of Family Dollar selling the TracFone 2126 for $9.99 this week (this also includes the 2126i-the single rate version).

Turk said...

Thanks for the info Sweeper, I'll have to check out the Family Dollar Stores around here.