Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Reader Participation

There is no breaking news in the prepaid arena that I could find, but our nice and generous readers have left various comments that I would like to include in today's blog.

First off, the Turk has provided some Tracfone insight:
* If you want 20 free minutes, go to and sign up for the "Tracfone Insider", its free and easy to do...just follow the instructions and on your next card redemption you should get the 20 free minutes added...if you don't get the 20 free minutes when you add your card, just call them and tell them what happened and they'll add it to your phone for you.

* One worker at Walmart said to me that he heard the next CDMA Tracfone coming out is a Motorola candybar style camera phone...he didn't seem to know to much about Tracfone which leads me to believe he is thinking of the Moto c261 (moto c261 isn't in this walmart area, only CDMA phones)...anyways, I heard the new phone will have a camera in it but haven't heard anything about it being a moto/candybar style...he could be right, who knows...LOL.

* Final thought: Tracfone has got a new face lift to their website (looks good)...its time for Net10 to do the same!

Ian the blog-master reviewed the Moto c261 for Tracfone awhile back and I am pretty sure he gave it a "thumbs up"...I don't have this phone but I have seen it in person and I thought it was ok...most reviews I've read of the phone were positive, the only thing is though, its like $90 for the Net10 version, so get it at a Walmart if you can so there is no "return problem" if you don't like it...if you do get it, post a review of it here sometime, ok?...good luck.

I forgot to mention that the Tracfone c261 is also on sale this week at Target for $30 along with Tracfone w370 for $45.

Tracfone has a new airtime card available on their website: a one year/800 minutes/double minute card for 139.99...check it out.

and Chris provided this "mini-review" of the Motorola C261:
In my experience the C261 was a wonderful phone feature wise, but lacked in memory and customizability. The battery life was average to me and service was average also. Ian has a review of the phone on this site. I would recommend the W370 if you don't mind waiting a while. I get 3-4 bars in my basement, when with my C261 i got 1 and 2 if right by the window. The battery is excellent and features are much better.

more tomorrow!


Turk said...

I was in one of my many Walmarts today and saw that they now have the Tracfone Moto w370, it was $50.

John said...

Does it look like a quality piece turk? Im tired of phones that are junk =P. Nokia still makes the best quality pieces out there in my opinion.. Sure wished they would come out with some new CDMA phones :(. They are currently in serious litigationi with Qualcomm who owns a bunch of CDMA Patents so i dont hold out much hope :(

Turk said...

I gave my oppinion of this phone awhile back but I can rehash it here again for oppinion of the Moto w370 is this:

It has some of the bells and whistles of better phones, except a camera.

Its kind of neat when you first look at it or hold it, but (for me) after about 1 minute that wore off and I realized how cheap this phone is made.

It has a real cheap plastic feel to it, that if you drop it, step on it, or accidently sit on it, it'll explode like a blown out tire (lol).

The keypad is a thin rubber pad that if you have sharp nails you could cut right through it.

I had this phone beside a Moto Krazr, and believe me its no Krazr, just a Krazr wanna be.

I think internally it has good qualities but not externally...personally, I wouldnt buy it and I dont think its worth the $50, maybe $25...I would have to agree with you and say Nokias do make great phones.

* Remember: this is just the Turk's oppinion!

*************** Turk 4 Life ***************

Anonymous said...

In my area we are suppose to have CDMA only, but I got a GSM with an out of town phone number, shortly after Walmart started carrying the c261, we have Alltel GSM Roaming (Western wireless)

John said...

Ok.. Thanks turk Haha on the blown up tire.:P .

As for using the gsm in a cdma area, yes..I did just the opposite.. CDMA in an area where
they push GSM but there is a nice
powerful verizon CDMA tower nearby.... For example the next town over has no gsm coverage at i poked in the zip for that town , its Verizon(CDMA) and i have a tracfone 2126i says roaming in my town, but its apparently a single rate phone so its the same charge per min. roaming or not.

John said...

Tracfone now has the more modern 2126i single rate phone in the two fer deal two 60 minute cards and a reconditioned phone. so if they push gsm in your are and you know that you have a cdma provider that tracfone works with check it out.

Must be they ran out of the ugly 2285 Nokias =P