Monday, May 14, 2007

Boost Revamps Site

Boost Mobile recently (or relatively recently at least) revamped their site so that basically all their information is on one page, as far as major services and phones go. They have also introduced their CDMA-based unlimited plan into more of the mainstream, though it is still only available for California and Texas users...

Phones are as follows:
i415 - $30
i455 - $50
i855 - $150
i885 - $300
c290 (unlimited, CDMA) - $100

As usual, new phones come with $10 in airtime on iDEN, or a month of service on CDMA. And yes, Boost still has a $300 phone, and still charges $150 for a camera phone...

As to minutes, beside the unlimited plan (unlimited everything except 35 cent per day web and 10 cent to send text messages), there is the usual 20 cent per minute/10 cents mobile to mobile/nights and weekends etc. plan and the three monthly plans, as follows:

$30 - Unlimited walkie-talkie, 10 cent calling anytime
$50 - $30 plus 400 anytime minutes
$70 - $30 plus 600 anytime, unlimited night and weekend minutes

Unlimited web and text on the monthly plans (aka Boost Premium) are $10 a month.

Not very attractive if you ask me, unless you use GPS and walkie talkie a bit, but it's easier to figure out what everything costs so that's always good.

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