Saturday, May 12, 2007

Whatever happened to's still there, but now to get to it you have to go to And it doesn't look good at all...:(

The solution? Make the official Go4Prepaid forum! Expect it to be up either this coming week or three weeks from now...and expect signing onto it to have something to do with giving away phones :)


Anonymous said...

Sweet. Why did the forum become so ugly? It really wasn't bad in its earlier form. Based on what you have done with your two blogs, I'm sure you will do well with the forum. It will be nice to have another forum in addition to Howard Forums.


Jacques said...

For those who remember the original G4PP forum (what happened to it?) it was designed quite nicely.

Anonymous said...

forums are dead, people just want info. use to have a forum and they cancelled it cause the readers want the info, not the opinions.