Monday, May 14, 2007

Highway to the T-Zone: What's on?

From the Cell Guru's site:

George gives a good summary of what you can access (5/13/2007):Here's the current T-Zones lineup:

Search for wallpaper, games, and tones FAQ about the service Browse tones, games, wallpaper
Account information, dollars, minutes, expiration date, Gold status, refill with credit/debit card or T-Mobile card Find a store that sells phones and cards with turn-by-turn directions (there must be a hack in here somewhere) A link to "My Album" (more on this later)

CNN, ABC News, ESPN Besides news, you can check the local (nearest big city) weather, search stock prices, and follow a sports event in almost real-time Amusing info. A group of static pages of things like pickup lines and cocktail recipes. The Body Mass Index calculator is occasionally useful, though.

My Album and My Journal are accessible on the web at and free from your phone. You can upload pictures and text from your phone (send to 222 for the album or 2222 for the journal), and also can upload through the web interface. You have 25 megabytes of online storage.

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