Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Readers Have Spoken!

Based on comments to yesterdays "Various Tidbits" posting, readers have questions as to whether the Motorola w370 on Tracfone's ability to support "True Tones" and whether or not it can receive picture messages. If you know the answer to any of these questions, leave a comment or send me an email with your findings so that we can report if these features are possible.

and.... Logan sent the following review of the Switch_Back:

Here is my review of the Kyocera Switch_back.
The call quality on the switch_back was decent, I had no complaints there, and the speaker phone sounded great. The signal quality however was not, the other virgin mobile phones I have had will usually get 4 bars in certain areas, but take the switch_back to those same areas and you would get lucky to get 2 bars!
Battery life was disappointing, I got maybe 2.5 hours of talk time, and the standby time was maybe 4 days.
Due to the accommodation of the QWERTY keyboard, the switch_back is fat. It's around 2 inches thick and has a uncomfortable bulky design. I am sure using the QWERTY keyboard would be very uncomfortable for anyone with large thumbs. The buttons are so small and so close together. The phone does not seem as though it would break easily, I have dropped it a few times and minus a few scratches it still looks/works fine.
Pictures taken with the switch_backs mediocre VGA camera (max resolution 640x480) had a very grainy and washed out appearance. It also seemed as though no matter how still the phone was, the pictures still looked slightly blurred.
The phones outer screen is low resolution and not very vibrant, making it horrible for viewing photos, playing games, and taking pictures. The inner screen is however a lot larger and a little more vibrant.
The phone also sports AIM, (yes just aol) a web browser, and email.
QWERTY keyboard
VGA camera
Mobile AIM
Mobile Email
Web browser
Dual screens
Java games
good call quality
great speaker phone
Thick phone
small buttons
low-res front display
picture quality sucked
a few glitches
poor signal quality

I personally thank everyone for their participation, it is greatly appreciated.


Chris said...

Tracfone's webiste is reorganized and full of new features!!!!

Anonymous said...

TracFone's W370 supports Music tones and polys. For more information, go to www.tracfone.com/data and click on the W370

Turk said...

First off, I'd like to say that you are doing a great job blog sitting Jacques...Ian asked me if I was interested in doing the job, but I had to decline because I was going to be gone for a few days, plus I didnt think I was qualified enough...after seeing your blog entries, I now know I wasnt qualified!(LOL)...you are doing a good job!...keep it up.
Here is some Tracfone and Net10 news:

* Target stores have the Moto w370 on sale this week for $45.

* Target stores also have on sale their Tracfone minute cards ranging anywhere from 2 - 10 dollars off different card sizes.

* Some K-marts have the Nokia 2600 for $20, and the Nokia 1100 (+60 min.) for $20.

* As far as the Moto w370 coming out for Net10, there isnt a set date release, it'll just show up one day for sale in the stores and website...I'm sure it'll be here soon since its already been a month since it came out for Tracfone.

I saw the new Tracfone website design as Chris mentioned above...I see no "refer a friend" program on it anywhere...I told Ian awhile back I thought it was dead and gone, he said he thinks there still is a chance of it coming back in some form...If I win this arguement, I think Ian should send me one of those free Tracfone LG 3280 phones he got, as a consulaton prize!!! (LOL)(just kidding).
The Turk is: "the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be...Woooooooooo!"

Anonymous said...

The Anonymous person is right about the ringtones. Also, the w370 can recieve pix msgs well. Yes, I've tried. Also, does anyone know any ringtone promo codes? Need to save some mins.