Sunday, May 06, 2007

Trac Promo Code

For Cinco de Mayo, Tracfone is giving out a 100-minute promotional code on their 1-year airtime card, for 500 minutes total and thus 20 cents a minute (11.11 cents a minute with the double minute plan, since promotional codes don't double):


In other words you get 20 cent minutes and 6 cent texts on all Tracfone airtime $40 and abobve...not counting the 30 minute bonus program or the double minute plan.


Turk said...

Here are the only promo codes I could find that are still working for Tracfone, if anyone has any other ones that still work, please feel free to add to this list:

59626 - 100 mins. added onto the one year card...(total = 500 minutes).

57660 - 250 mins. added onto the old 250 min. one year card...(total = 500 minutes).

51283 - 60 mins. added onto any card 60 mins. and higher...(does not work on the new 30 min. card).

55698 - 20 mins. added onto any card 60 mins. and higher...(does not work on the new 30 min. card).

The new Moto w370 is now being advertised for sale on the Tracfone website for $50.

That is great that Tracfone has added CellularOne to their GSM service...Here in PA. Verizon service RULES followed closely by CellularOne then a far distance in 3rd. is Cingular and T-mobile.....I just hope they still will continue to sell CDMA Tracfones here and not try pushing only CellularOne-GSM Tracfones, because the Turk is a CDMA MAN!...Wooooooooo!...LOL.

Anonymous said...

My opinion CDMA sounds better,GSM
works better go figure :). Vertizon network seems to be rock solid in New York State.

Sprints tower near here got hit by lightning(I think during a storm,because after that signal has been two bars..)so I have some problems using Vigirn Mobile while in bed :P..

I got the Nokia 2126i single rate phone at Dollar General and just used the town nest to me's zip code for location as they push GSM on cingular in my town.