Friday, May 11, 2007

Edit: 139 is the new 155

Edits in bold...

Yes, Tracfone just changed their phone lineup slightly. On all GSM phone areas the free phone with the "twofer" deal is now the Motorola c139. Personally, it's a step down, but it is definately a newer, more valuable phone, despite the fact that at its inception it had a problem with losing minutes and despite its lo-fi monophonic ringtones. But anyway, the free phone has changed (and that's all for now) and as I have said over the past while any change would be change for the better.

And yes, the 60-minute cards are real, useable on whatever phone you want.


Anonymous said...

On the twofer deal..Does that come with real 60 minute cards useable on ther tracfones?

Anonymous said...

The Trac website says the C139 is a refurb.