Saturday, June 02, 2007

PagePlus - SCORE!

Okay, I'm back (and graduated!) and I have a lot to say. First, PagePlus...

First, the bad news: PagePlus is reinstating the 50 cent monthly fee...

...but they're lowering their rates again to compete with traditional calling cards, let alone regular prepaid cell phones. Noo kidding.

Text messages are still 8 cents apiece (now relative to 12 cents a minute, so 2\3 of a minute) but minutes are now much, much cheaper than anyone else...

$10 - 83 minutes (12 cents apiece)
$25 - 300 minutes (8.33 cents apiece)
$50 - 700 minutes (7.14 cents apiece)
$80 - 1400 minutes (5.71 cents apiece)

Amazing, huh? If you use just voice calling and some texting (at a very reasonable 3.8 cents apiece with the $80 card) and don't mind not having a local number (a problem with PagePlus) this service really takes the cake. If you use less than about 500 minutes a month (yeah, that's a lot for prepaid) and can stand keeping in Verizon's service area, and don't need multimedia features, PagePlus is the clear option. Heck, if you want a nice phone with it, just buy a Verizon Razr off of eBay and activate it with a $5 activation kit from there. Crazy? Yeah.

Oh, and I hear they're going to get data services soon...which means I'll likely be switching providers (from Virgin Mobile) relatively soon. Because I'm right now paying $7 a month to get 10 cents a minute, so even if data is a bit more expensive I'm coming out ahead on I can get a really nice phone, especially compared with Virgin Mobile, if I want...though Virgin Mobile will soon be getting some better phones...but more about that in the next post.

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