Monday, June 11, 2007

Tracfone Motorola w370: Q&A

You asked, I answer:

Q: yeah, does it have apps?
A: Depends on what you mean. It does have the typical calculator, timer, alarm, etc. and a few games, but as far as I know nothing extraordinary and nothing downloadable.

Q: can you preview ringtones from the phone?
A: If you're wondering whether you can preview them before buying them, the answer, so far as I know (same as c261 I suppose) is no. However there is a nice Multimedia section of the phone where you can blare ringtones to your heart's content.

Q: can you buy ringtones with tracfone minutes? when will it be available for net10?
A1 (mmm, steak sauce): Yes you'll decrement differently depending on how much airtime you've added on your last card, I think. They try to make the price per 'tone $1.99.
A2: No idea. I'll leave that up to the wizards who predict actual dates on things...I don't have the scoop on that.

Hope this helps!


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Anonymous said...

thanks bunches! does the LG CG225 have mp3 ringtones too? when will it be available for tracfone?

Chris said...

I contacted Tracfone and they said the only new phone that would support Mp3 downloads was the W370.

Anonymous said...

you need to put links on here somwhere of all the prepaid services and their information, rates, and stuff... lol

Anonymous said...

How can I send pic from my computer into the W370??? anybody know