Sunday, June 03, 2007

My "Day Job"

Well, actually I have two of them. Part of the time I'm for-pay freelance working for the likes of BabbleBug et al. But what I'm talking about is where I make more of my money, and whoever wants to can make more than I am ;)

Yet it's a no-risk deal.

I'm talking about buying the Tracfone twofer deals, selling the airtime to me, selling the phones elsewhere (buyers I make sure of first so no risk) and making a nice profit in doing so. All you need is a credit card (or a debit card and money in the bank) and the ability to read this and you're set.

Oh, and I'll tack on a $20 bonus for anyone who signs up before I give away the Motorola w370 I'll review shortly, as soon as they sell their first 24 airtime cards (one day's work, as much as $215 profit...otherwise well over $100).

Interested? E-mail me...


Turk said...

Does anyone know where the Tracfone LG 3280 might be on sale?...I am thinking of buying it, but don't feel like dishing out $50...the only places around here that sell it are Walmarts and the Dollar Stores...I heard that ShopKo has it for $30, but that store isnt in PA., and they dont sell online (which doesn't make any sense to me!?)...thanks...I am out...Turk

Turk said...

Ian...the Tracfone "30 min. for life promotion" when activating a new phone, are the rumors still saying it will end on June 30th.?...thanks.

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