Saturday, June 09, 2007

Various Tracfone Updates\Info

Before I say anything, just letting eeryone know that tomorrow afternoon is the last straw on clicking ads here, registering on the Go4Prepaid forum and posting if you want to enter in the Motorola w370 put an exact time on it, you have to do all three things (and the forum post must be really useful) by 6:00 p.m. Central Time tomorrow. So if you want to win a Motorola w370 now's the time to enter!

And now onto normal Tracfone news\info...

1. Thanks Chris for reporting in on the Motorola w370's battery...sounds like a few battery cycles should double battery life, if not more...which is certainly nice.

2. Looks like the "30 minutes for life" promotion Tracfone had since December is now ended, and has been ended since early May. See for the full story on that.

3. Thanks to the Turk, there are two really helpful Tracfone-related threads on the new Go4Prepaid forums:

Tracfone Promotional Codes

Tracfone Sales (phone discounts, etc.)

Thanks to everyone on the forums so far, especially those who have posted more than 10 times, earning yourselves "Member" designation!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ian, I was just over at your new forum, and registered and posted and clicked through the Babblebug ad link.

So, am I entered to possibly win the Tracfone? I did all you said needed to be done.

Your new forum looks like it will be a bit more active than Cellphoner was.

One thing, I could not successfully upload an avatar from my computer, it kept coming up with an error message so I just used one of your Lord of the Rings ones for now.


Anonymous said...

I am liking your new forum! It's been nice having an another useful forum.

I'm also interested in your newest phone giveaway!