Tuesday, July 04, 2006

News Flash: I'm Still Alive

Sorry for the whole week of silence on this blog. I just haven't had enough time to fully surf the Net and check email etc. until right now, at least and get it done. Anyway, here are a few quick things before the computer I'm working on will become unavailable (the place I'm in is closing in about 5 minutes).

1. If you like your tethered STi Mobile data, DON'T CANCEL IT! I did to avoid 19 cents extra per day over the duration of my Boy Scout summer camp, and now STi\Sprint won't let me reactivate. OK, I did download 500 MB or so over the connection over a few days, but just as a warning to not cancel...I didn't get disconnected until I told them to do so...but now they won't reconnect me...

2. Want Boost airtime or some other airtime that CheapPhoneCards doesn't sell? BabbleBug got me a $20 Boost card for $20 and their service was pretty good. A lot better than having to go to Wally World and get one for $2068 including tax or something like that. Full Disclosure: I have nothing to gain from this little blurb. But do check them out if you need something CheapPhoneCards doesn't offer.

3. The Nokia 6061 is now $25 refurbed at Cingular's GoPhone website. It's fine if you can correctly position your ear over the teensy earpiece, or so I've heard. I would get the phone, but for the fact that Cingular won't sell me GoPhones in my area. The Nokia 6010, tried and true but getting a little grey-haired, is $40 new. I would get it and unlock it and use it with a T-Mobile SIM and pay less for it than you would for the T-Mobile version, though chat won't work :(.

And that's all for now. Hopefully I'll see you people later...

WAIT! I'm in North Carolina and T-Mobile To Go, as well as MovilListo, roam on SunCom. Neat, huh?

Well, now I'm done so see you people later until maybe tomorrow or whenever something new comes up in the prepaid world and I hae more time to post.

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Anonymous said...

T-Mobile also roams on Cingular here in North Carolina.

T-Mobile prepaid in NC now is an amazing deal for us "glovebox phone" users - you can get SIMs already in Gold Rewards off ebay and keep the phone going for all of $10/year!