Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Game Review: Lode Runner (T-Mobile)

Sorry; this game review was due out yesterday but upon taking out my USB PC card from my laptop the whole thing locked up. And I didn't save my here goes the review, again...

The game took maybe 30 seconds to download (GPRS isn't exactly fast) and takes a mere 64k of memory space on the phone. Okay, the Nokia games already loaded on the phone are maybe 10k smaller but they don't have 60 stages.

Yes, the little game, which seems like an 80s platform climber (fine for cell phones since theydon't have much graphics power), has an incredible 60 stages, through which your guy runs around and digs, yes, digs, to collect various coins and other powwer-ups, evading enemies guessed it...digging.

If you're into this type of game, this title won't disappoint, though its user interface is sort of hard to use with a Nokia 6010, which doesn't have a 4-way D-pad. But the game is still playable, and load times aren't too long.

For $4.99 from T-Mobile To Go's Games & Apps store, this may be a nice choice for some, but I personally, and only personally, wish I had at least used an eBay SIM (thus only spending $1.70 or so real money). But my brothers like it actually (they are the ones who played it most) so I'd
give it 3.5\5.

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