Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oystr (No It's Not Motorola), PhoneShark & STi

Sorry for the fact that the minutes page is still not up and I haven't posted any today. I've been busy working on some stuff for BabbleBug. More on that later.

But I did have enough time to stop by Wal-Mart again. And just last week they got a shipment of new Virgin Mobile phones. It looks as though they only put them out today though. The phone's name? The Oystr.

And yes. It's a clamshell phone. And interestingly it's made by Kyocera, the first Kyocera flip to my knowledge on Virgin Mobile. It has a tiny caller ID screen (is that a screen?), is white on the outside and black on the inside, and has a full duplex speakerphone. The price: $30 or close to it. Don't bother looking on Virgin Mobile's website for it quite yet. It's not there. Of course if someone really, really wanted it I'd send it to them for $37.50, but I don't think anyone wants it that bad; it will eventually show up on VM's site.

One other things: I checked PhoneShark's website (where my family gets their ultra-cheap 2.4 cents a minute long distance phone cards) and they're offering a fairly wide selection of STi Mobile phones, namely the LG 125, 225, 5225, Samsung a820 and Samsung a660. All but the LG 5225 and 225 have a $10 normal airtime card with them, as opposed to the $50 (5225) or $80 (125) in 'disappearing' airtime.

Most of the phones are overpriced but the Samsung, an interesting though not highly rated no caller ID flip, is $50 plus I think $10 for shipping. Personally, I would not get it, opting instead for Total Call Mobile. But I'm just throwing out options. Throw them out if you want :).

And by the way, My Motorola c139 is still for sale, with 90 units, for $30 shipped. I'm asking the same for my Boost i285, with a deactivated SIM. Both phones would include chargers and batteries of course.


J/R Rogers said...

I believe Oystr photos or information can be recovered from the VirginMobile forum on Howard Forums.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that the OYSTR has a caller ID screen.