Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Trac Minutes, StolenSidekick.com, STi Mobile Phone

OK, so I'm ging to be back home from all my trips tonight. WHich means that I'll be able to modify this site a little easier and everything, and I'll start selling Tracone airtime n earnest.

As to the expirations on the airtime, the 60 minute card will be normal (60 days), as will the 120 minutes, though only the 60-minute card can reactivate a dead phone etc. The larger airtime increment I'm not quite sure about, but I'm pretty sure it will extend the expiration date to around 4 months from when you get the airtime (4 months from when I activate the phone you're actually transferring the airtime from).

Next, I spent a lot of time last night reading the saga at http://www.evanwashere.com/stolensidekick aka StolenSidekick.com. I'd say it's a pretty good read. Lot of other people thought so; the site has had millions upon millions of hits and hundreds f thousands of backlinks, even though it's only a month old. Most of the backlinks occoured within the irst week or two.Yeah, it's that interesting. The situation has been pretty well resolved but the story remains interesting. As I said, I'd check it out.

Last, CheapPhoneCards has the Nokia 3588i with a $10 card, on STi Mobile, for $40 again. Normally I would keep STi products away from everybody now with a 12-foot pole but this phone comes with real airtime, not airtime that expires in 90 days, and the phone is very inexpensive.

See everyone tomorrow!

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