Wednesday, July 05, 2006

T-Mobile in North Carolina

Sorry...Blogger didn't seem to publish the post when I wrote it is though...

To amplify what someone in a comment said to my last post with my own experience, I found that T-Mobile To Go also roams on Cingular in North Carolina! I didn't test it till last night because of the fact that in Texas, where T-Mobile has a native signal, Cingular would positively not register, as least as of about a month ago. I'll check when I get back.

Anyway, T-Mobile To Go has laudable GSM roaming capabilities in North Carolina, where it has no towers of its own. The nice hing is even on other networks you get 100% of your features (T-Zones works, the #999# balance reminder works) and it's not a penny more expensive! Thank you GSM seamless roaming!

As a side note, SunCom seems to be preferred to Cingular while in North Carolina, but you can manually network-select either SunCom or Cingular and the phone will stay on that network until you select something else. And if there is no SunCom signal the phone will naturally pick Cingular, the only other GSM operator in the area, at least to my knowledge.

Whoever said that comment, thanks. I didn't know you posted it today, after I did testing on my own, but thanks anyway.

As was said in the comment, this makes T-Mobile To Go a nice "glovebox" phone with a Gold Rewards SIM and a $10 card. Granted, you only get 35 minutes now with that card, but you can get the phone for free from Cingular (Nokia 6030 would be your best bet) and the SIM for cheap on eBay and if your usage goes up a $100 card from CheapPhoneCards (around $92.25) gets you less than 10 cents a minute on your pick of networks in the Carolinas and on at least T-Mobile everywhere else. Nice.

P.S. aka Shameless Beg: Since you can, through DealKing, get the Nokia 6030 on Cingular for free, could someone be so kind as to do that exact thing and mail me the phone, SIMless? I'd reimbuse whoever does it for shipping. If you want to take me up on this, email me. Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

I could get you a 6030, BUT I have already used Dealking's $30 rebate...

I could email you if you prefer...

(anon since I don't have any need for a blogger acct)

scooby214 said...

I just picked up the Net10 version of the Motorola v176 over the 4th of July. Having tried the v171 before and being disappointed, this phone is a nice improvement. The big screen is wonderful! It sounds just the same as the v171 and c139 (marginal sound quality and not very loud at times), which makes me wonder if all GSM Tracfones (or Net10 phones) sound that way. Are the Nokia Tracfones louder than the Motorolas?

photonth said...

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