Thursday, July 20, 2006

S is for Stats...and Siemens

First off, this will be a relatively short post, as there are no questions to be aswered or new products to be touted etc., though Cingular is trying to get EVERYONE off their TDMA network. Instead of working on this post I'll be handcrafting the page where I'll sell the Tracfone airtime and such. It will be up tomorrow, hopefully.

I actually have Google Analytics on this site, as well as my nice counter (thanks StatCounter!) so I can get a good picture of how many people are coming to my site and where from and what system stats they have (OS, browser, screen resolution, things like that, nothing personal really). Here are some interesting stats\site facts:

210 page views yesterday, 180 the Wednesday before that
61.34% of people who visit my site use Internet Explorer, 30.52% use Firefox
91.42% of people who visit my site use Windows; 5.67% are on a Mac
The ratio of cable\DSL users who visit to dialup users is about 4 to 1
I get about a quarter of my visits from Google searches, twice as much as MSN and Yahoo combined

Well, at least I thought this was interesting :).

OK and so the other part of this post is to say that I will be getting a Siemens s56 from none other than the Cell Guru in the very near future. It's GSM, has Bluetooth and has field test, all of which are nice features. Of course I'll post a review of the phone a little after I receive the phone.

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