Wednesday, July 19, 2006


OK, so I go to my local Wal-Mart Supercenter to deposit a few rebate checks and such (Woodforest bank, my bank until I figure out something better, has a branch there). And I idly walk to the back of the store to see what's on display at the Connection Center (of course!).

To my surprise, the only prepaid carriers available are Tracfone and Virgin Mobile! Granted, Boost had disappeared months ago (Nextel is still sold, along with Sprint, for postpaid, and only those two carriers), but now Movida is nowhere to be found. I guess there wasn't enough interest or something...

Which leaves the Kyocera K10 at $20, the Audiovox 8610 for $50 (I think; there were no price tags on that phone) and the Snapper (8915) for $90. Tracfone's sole representative is the Nokia 2126, at the everyday low price of $20. Here's to diversity *cough* *cough*. Probably because no GSM carrier has local numbers here.

Speaking of 2126s, I got a few requests to buy the phone. Well, two of you missed it this time, but if someone wants 120 minutes for $12 and someone else (or the same person) wants at least 170 minutes for $17 (I won't charge any more, just this once), then voila I have another Nokia 2126 with 0 units available for $10!

Speaking of dollars and cents, besides the 2126 I sold my Nokia 6010 today! I myself am impressed for a post that was only online for maybe 6 hours. But I still have three phones I want to say goodbye to. Take a look at the post and email me if you're interested.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed last week in my walk through Wal-Mart in Fremont MI that all there were were Boost Mobile and Nextel phones. None of the usual Tracfone, Virgin, and others. Also, no other time cards but Boost Mobile. I wonder if they signed an exclusitivity agreement with them.