Monday, July 31, 2006

My Inventory

In case anyone was wondering, my phone inventory (currently numbering eight phones and six lines of prepaid service) has changed lately, due to somet trades and sold phones and bought phones. So here it is, along with what phones are for sale. Unless noted, all phones are GSM.

1. LG 225 (CDMA, For Sale with data cable, car charger, case for $55 shipped)
2. Motorola i450 (iDEN)
3. Siemens s56
4. Siemens a56
5. Nokia 3120
6. Nokia 1100 (Tracfone)
7. Nokia 3595 (For sale $30 shipped, unlocked AT&T)
8. Nokia 6010 (For sale $30 shipped, unlocked T-Mobile)

The s56 I just got from the Cell Guru. The 3120 and 3595 were both from dot_null. And yes, I want to sell the best-reception phones for GSM already, only a few days after I got them. I can live with the service provided by the 3120 and the s56, both of which are more advanced phones than the 3595\6010.

Now for services:

1. STi Mobile (want to switch to Total Call Mobile ASAP)
2. T-Mobile To Go (Gold Rewards)
3. T-Mobile To Go (just got)
4. Boost Mobile (for TeleNav which doesn't work right and Walkie which does)
5. MovilListo (probably will drop this when I run out of airtime; it's really a joke)
6. Tracfone GSM on Cingular

And that's what I have. For what it's worth, both my parents have Tracfone Nokia 2126s running on Verizon. Nothing special there. If anyone has an ofer I can't refuse on the phones that aren't for sale, then email me. :)

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