Monday, July 24, 2006

STi Mobile: Phone For Sale

Yes. You read the title right. My LG 225 camera phone is now officially for sale. It, a nearly brand new data cable, a great condition car charger and a mint-condition case, all for $60 shipped. The phone, which is in good condition and has around 15 downloaded ringtones, as well as Opera Mini and Google Local Mobile on it, won't be activated, as I'll be porting my number to Total Call Mobile, but there will be no disappearing 90-day airtime when you do activate it. Email me if you want the phone.

Why am I selling it?

Because I finally, after 8 months of sweat, tears and hot air, received my $100 rebate today for the phone. Total Call, though it doesn't have anything beyond text and voice, has 10 cent minutes the whole week long and has no fees, whereas STi's cheapest plan is 12 cents daytime, 10 cents nights and weekends, plus a mandatory 10 cent a day fee.

Why would you want it?

Because if you want a phone that has web access for cheap and can even tether at pretty high speeds (19 cents extra a day) and even do picture messaging (10 more cents a day and it's unlimited) this is a great phone and service to do it on, even with the 10 cent a day fee.

So while I detest the company for their LONG rebate period (I'm probably one of the last to receive my rebate though, judging from online posts) and their starting of the 10 cent daily fee and their disappearing airtime, you don't have to worry about points 1 and 3 when getting my old phone and point 2 is mitigated by cheap, unlimited, web & picture messaging access. Plus, as soon as you tell me you want the phone, I'll put an order in to Total Call so I'll have another phone and service to review.

So support this site and get the phone. And yes, it's a pretty darn good phone, with a camera to boot, for less than the price of any other camera phone on prepaid out there even without accessories. So yeah...:)

And by the way, I still have a Motorola i285 for sale ($30) and a Tracfone Motorola c139 (with 90.7 units now) for $25. Both figures are for the phone, shipped. Again, email me!


photon said...

What the advantage of total call? It requires a minimum of $10 refill every 60 days. And unlike tracfone, it has no grace period. Once you forget a refill, you lose all the unused minutes.
I don't like frequent refills. I am currently sticking to Tmobile togo because I only need to refill once a year.
I am also considering a boost mobile. I want to try the gps tracking function. More info can be found on

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