Tuesday, July 11, 2006

T-Mobile and Java and Games, Oh My!

As I was calling T-Mobile To Go's tech support from South Carolina the day before yesterday about who all they could roam on (the rep said Cingular only; my phone said SunCom...hmmm...) I asked if there was anything new on T-Zones. The rep said yes.

I went there and yes, there is a nice new part of T-Zones called "Applications" n the "Web & Applications" section.

In this place you can buy (whip out your $30-for-$10 eBay SIMs everyone!) a boatload of Java apps, ranging from MapQuest Mobile (a poor, $4 substitute for Google Maps Mobile\Google Local Mobile) to the platform game Lode Runner to MotoGP 2 racing and a lot in between. MapQuest and Lode Runner, respectively $3.99 for 30 days and $4.99 forever, ran fine, albeit a little cramped, on my unlocked Cingular Nokia 6010, soon to be replaced with an unlocked Cingular Nokia 6030. And yes, MapQuest works even through T-Mobile To Go's not-so-permissive WAP deck.

When I get the latter phone I'll buy (courtesy another eBay SIM) and review other T-Mobile apps and games here. As it stands, I'll review MapQuest Moble and Lode Runner in subsequent posts, to give everyone something to come back to my blog for. Okay, I broke their little "for you only on your phone only" Term & Condition I suppose by letting my brothers play Lode Runner, but oh well, at least that kept them off of my LG 225 and\or my back during our long car trip yesterday and the day before.

So stay tuned, and props to T-Mobile for being the second to have a nice game\app store for prepaid and not charge you bandwidth to download the apps\games (hint hint Cingular; Boost Mobile was the first carrier to do this). And no, GPRS isn't fast for downloading stuff but it works, even if yu're buying Mapquest and downloading it in the middle of SunCom\Cingular-only territory.

But, to rant, I'm about to go ballistic about incoming text\MMS charges and 15 minutes less on the $10 Gold Rewards card. But this will keep me from blowing my top.

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