Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tracfone Clarification, Why is Net10 GSM?

To answer a question in a previous comment, look at Tracfone's coverage map for your area. If the phone you want to buy, using the tip I mentioned a few posts ago, is listed on your map then you're good to go, complete with a local number. If not, you'll have to setle for a long distance number and maybe roaming or no service. Only get a Tracfone from a different zip if you knw that that particular technology on that particular carrier will work in your area.

And about Net10, yes, they only offer GSM phones. This is probably due to Cingular\T-Mobile offering Tracfone better rates than the numerous CDMA providers out there that they have contracts with. Also, Net10 promises no roamng charges, which Tracfone CDMA doesn't deliver but Tracfone GSM does. Personally, if you want Net10 rates you can get them with Tracfone phones, courtesy my airtime that I'm going to start selling soon (see the last post for my rates).

Hope this helps.

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Anonymous said...

That's interesting. Now that you mentioned numerous CDMA carriers that TracFone uses, I wonder if they use Sprint. I assumed it would be Verizon. They sure want to push GSM, because when you look at the coverage map for the CDMA phone, they show a small local area. When you look at the coverage for the Nokia 2600, they show a national map that looks fairly well-covered. The fact is that in my local area, Verizon covers most everything, Sprint covers somewhat less, and Cingular/T-Mobile cover the least. The Nokia 2600 looks like a much better phone to me than the CDMA Nokia. If only STi provided the Verizon roaming, this would be a non-issue.

Can you really plan to offer those minutes long-term? I'll keep it in mind if I do get the 2600. I notice at Net10 they sell the phone for $10 more but give you 300 minutes and 2 months time. The trouble there is that you have a monthly minimum of $15 to keep the phone going. Which wouldn't be a problem if it were the only and main phone, but it would be hard to rely on GSM that much. It'd be a good extra phone and good tester of the network.