Sunday, July 16, 2006

Promo Code 58094

I just read about this code on HowardForums. It gets 40-60 extra minutes...even on refer-a-friend minutes!

Which gets me thinking. Would anyone like 120 minutes (promo-able with the two codes) for $12? They would be ESN-tied minutes (refer a friend with your phone as the referrer and a phone I buy as the one referred). How about 180 or 200 minutes for $18 or $20? This would also be tied to an ESN, but it would be a code you'd put into Code Entry Mode on your phone. And lastly, would anyone like a normal 60-minute card, which could get 90 (54606 code) or 100-120 (58094) minutes, for $10? If so, please comment on this post If I get enough response I'll do this (payment via PayPal) and it'll give me enough money to buy the Motorola c261 when it comes out on the web.

Hope the code helps!


Anonymous said...

the C261 is available for about $80 at most local Wal*Marts in GSM serviced areas. -- JP

Anonymous said...

I'd love a 60 minute card (actual card or ESN minutes?) for #10, please let us know!

BTW, I couldn't get 58094 to work with today's 60 minute (actual card) refill

I used the code for 30 bonus units instead.

J/R Rogers said...

They have not received the c261 here in my Tracfone GSM Walmart. When will we see the fate of new light?