Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tracfones with Free Incoming Text

I was asked (your comments all get emailed to me as soon as they are posted) what Tracfones have free incoming text. This is an important question for some people who, for example, use IM on their phone or have various alerts sent to it. So let me start by saying that none of the new GSM Tracfones will have free incoming text. It will be charged at 0.3 units. Sorry...

So here's the short list of the phones that have free incoming text:
Nokia 3390 (old)
Nokia 1100
Nokia 2600
Motorola c155
Motorola v170

Personally, I think that the Nokia 1100 would be the best phone for text. It's cheap and the buttons are nice and big, with good feedback. As an added bonus you have a (mono) ringtone composer and Nokia rock-solidness. Look back several posts for my review of this phone.

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