Friday, July 14, 2006

Tracfones and Total Call Phones

First off, sory but I didn't have quite the time online to find out Sprint phone pricing just yet. Maybe later today, tonight or tomorrow...

But anyway I looked at Tracfone's website and, while their GSM selection has remained the same, the only CDMA phone they're offering now is the Motorola v60i, for $60. Yeah, the black-and-white flip with a black-and-white external display. Blech.

If anyone wants a Nokia 2126 still, my local Wal-Mart probably has them. Just email me and when I get back to Texas (Wednesday probably) I'll check. If there are any left, my price will be $30 shiped for the phone activated, with at least 140 minutes (I'll email the refer-a-friend code to speed things up; the phone will come with 20 minutes loaded on it), or $35 shipped unactivated. To cut down on shipping costs, I'd be scrapping the package, just sending the phone, charger, battery, manual and whatever other materials are actually useful.
OK and now for the results of my call to Total Call Mobile's customer service: the pricng for their phones. Which is on the high side for new phones but is OK for refurbs. I'll probably get a Nokia 3588 soon. And if their service is good I'll become an agent so I can get the phones cheaper and sell them cheaper to whoever wants them, since they seem like a pretty good service. And now for the phone prices:

UTStarcom 7000 (color flip, no external screen, speakerphone) - $95LG 225 (camera phone, dual color displays, what I have) - $160Samsung a660 refurb (junky phone like UTStarcom 7000) - $70Nokia 3588 refurb (fairly good, basic bar phone) - $40

Yeah, prices are high for the new kids on the block, even though Sprint is using these prepaids to clear out overstock inventory. But the refurb Nokia, as I said before, isn't so bad. I would say wait and let me take the plunge in a month or so. Or not...I don't mind someone else reviewing it before I do. But my mouth's watering at 10 cents a minute with $5 a month as the minimum.


Anonymous said...

You can still get the 2126 by using zip 03860 (North Conway NH USC market) which is $30 with case and car charger --cellguru

Anonymous said...

I looked at Total Call after I read your other post. It is unclear from their site whether roaming is included. Lack of roaming is the main thing I find wrong with STi. My LG 225 was roaming in my local grocery store, and I got a Verizon recording, but it would not allow me to make the call because the phone is unrecognized by Verizon. Roaming ability is essential, and at no extra cost. Outside of that, STi costs about $12 per 100 minutes excluding the monthly fee, and Total Call will give 300 minutes for $29.99 So that sounds a little better pricewise, but outside of the roaming, I'm really loving STi and would not want to change my phone number again. --Contrarienne

Anonymous said...

The 2126 appears only available for zipcodes without GSM coverage.