Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm Not RadioShack But...'ve got questions, I've got answers.

As to whether Tracfone uses Sprint, the answer is a resounding No. At least as a primary carrier. The biggest CDMA carrier they use is Verizon. And the reason they have small coverage areas for CDMA is probably to get the cheapest minutes from whatever carrier they're buying minutes from. So if you want the full network as non-roaming you sign up on that carrier's prepaid or postpaid plan...the former if they have one. Anyhow the fact remains that the only thing Tracfone uses Sprint for s if you're roaming of of them, which is very rare.

And for a quick comparison between the Nokia 2126 and the 2600 I'd be inclined to say that the former is a better phone for less money. Though this is probably because it's newer. But I think that the 2600 is slightly more customizeable and it's GSM...just depends on what network you want.

As to whether I can keep providing 120 minutes for $12, 60 minute cards for $10 and a higher minute amount (may be as low as 140, may be as high as 200) for 10 cents a minute on Tracfone, I can do it just as long as can get the refurb Nokia 1100 with 60 minutes deal off of Tracfone's website. And bar that things will get more expensive but 120 minutes as far as I can see will always be cheaper my way than by using a normal $30 card. Anyone interested?


Anonymous said...

Good info. Between you and Radio Shack, I should have it made. I was just talking to the manager of the local Radio Shack - not at the store - about the fact that they've quit dealing with Verizon. They now carry Sprint and Cingular, and it seems they think Sprint will be expanding their coverage significantly. Sprint is likely to become more popular if other retailers also see fit to dump Verizon.

MetroPCS could become a big player if they would include free roaming in their unlimited plan, but to add high roaming charges to their already high monthly charges is likely to keep them small.

Thanks for the answers, and I'll be sure to let you know if I get a TracFone. I know the bonus deal (extras for the phone) ends on the 27th.


Anonymous said...

How long would your tracfone minutes extend the expiration date?


Anonymous said...

how do i contact you to buy minutes?
also can you clarify which tracfones have free incoming text?

I bought the c139, because it's gsm (but it didn't have free incoming).

Also, do you sell the trac fones with free incoming text?


J/R Rogers said...

What is the fit to dump Verizon, Contrarienne? Sprint, The Next Verizon? I shall wait & see...

Anonymous said...

In mid-michigan, Tracfone seems to use Alltel a lot, even though their service sucks in the country as far as the tower availability is concerned. All of the TDMA and CDMA phones activated up here (I've activated several over the years) use their service. They refuse to even stock stores with GSM phones here, even though they work much better (albeit roaming). I had to purchase GSM phones through their website or on eBay.