Monday, July 31, 2006

Nokia 3595 vs. 6010

So many of you...okay so maybe not that many of you...are wondering what the difference between a Nokia 6010 and a Nokia 3595 is. Well, as far as I can tell there are two things, besides age and maybe a slightly yellow-er tint to the 3595 screen, but this last thing may just be due to age:

1. Faceplate
2. Software

The first thing is pretty darn inconsequential. The 3595 faceplate accepts either a keypad like the 3595 (several rocker buttons) or the 3560 (several buttons with multiple numbers). Send and end keys are very much seperate from the rest of the keypad. Up\down keys are an easy-to-use rocker and the two softkeys are arranged nicely. Personally, the 3560 keypad is really nice.

The 6010 keypad\faceplate combo has, but for the direction pad, different buttons for different numbers. But the softkeys and the send\snd keys are closer to each other, to the direction buttons, and to the numeric keypad. The whole thing looks cooler and it looks like you have a newer phone (you do) but personally once you get over the gosh-wow factor the 35xx keypads and faceplates work great.

The second thing is a little less inconsequential but mostly there are just appearance changes. The 3595's user interace very closely mirrors that of the Nokia 3560, the TDMA phone that I used to have (though the 3595\6010 are pretty much the bottom of the barrel nowadays the 3560 was near the top of the line for its time and was thus a nice phone), with bold colors and a "fun" feel. The ringtone selection is a bit different, if just a little bit, between phones. Applications and games as far as I can tell are the same across both phones.

The 6010 mimics the other Nokia 601x phones, the rest of them CDMA, with a more businesslike, less colorful, interface. But it looks as though otherwise functionality is unchanged. Volume levels may have a different way of being changed (bar graph versus menu listings) but everywhere else there aare just icon adjustments. Personally, the scroll icon for the Messages section seems a bit more retro to me and I kindof like retro.

As you can see, the differences between the 6010 and the 3595 are purely asthetic. If you like the older stuff you can get the older model and it will work great. If you like the newer stuff or want to get the phone at a normal website or retail outlet, your pick is the 6010. That's pretty simple.

In the future I may, just for kicks and grins, post the differences between various Nokia phone user interfaces, past and present. Just for fun. But the next post will be one of importance for sure. Not such goof-offs and rants as I've posted otherwise today. But that will have to wait till tomorrow.

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