Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tracfone @ RadioShack

two days ago I did a lot in San Antonio (out with the braces, in with the retainers, yet another low-vision exam as I am almost laughably nearsighted). But in between doing a lot and doing a lot I made my way over to a local RadioShack, which had two things that were simply great. One was a set of 15-minute batteries. The other was the Tracfone Motorola v176.

At $60 plus tax I didn't bite. But at $10 more than the older v170 hanging right next to it, it was undoubtedly a fair deal. No rebates though, so no sale.

The phone, in blue, reminded me ever so slightly of the PEBL, but there's no camera or external caller ID screen. But its somewhat wider-than-the-v170 exterior means that you can put a nice-sized, or rather normal-sized, 128x160 display on the inside. I didn't see the display but this would make the v176 one of the largest-display Tracfones available, the other being the Motorola c261 (I didn't see that phone at RadioShack). Thus was my personal experience. :)

RadioShack also had CIngular and Sprint contract phones, as well as Cingular GoPhones (at OK, though not great, prices) and Virgin Mobile phones, including the Switch_Back, which looks absolutely abominable to my tastes. But nothing really to write home about.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I want to confirm:
1. Motorola c155
and 2. Motorola v170
have free incoming text?

And does the new v176 also have free incoming text?

Do you sell these phones for a good price? How much?