Monday, July 24, 2006


I'm now pretty happy to say that I'm going to be writing reviews and informnational blurbs on BabbleBug's site, and generally keeping the place up to date as far as prepaid cell phones are concerned. What's more, they're paying me for it!

But before you hatch any conspiracy theories, this site isn't going to change any to see BabbleBug through rose-tinted glasses. Of course, on the wireless phone card reviews I tried my best to just bring out the good in the carriers, but sometimes (like with STi Mobile) I did drop a very slight hint that someone may not like the fees\service.

But that's on their site and this is still very much mine. As I was saying, I'm still going to be perfectly unbiased here with regard to all the prepaid cell phones and services ot there. I'll just be able to test more of them and such because, well, I have a job. :)

If you want to take a look at what I've done for them so far, click the hotlinked title. All the little informational blurbs, and I mean all of them, for the wireless refills, are mine. Sweet, huh?


cancuntraveller said...

I'm a recent traveller to Mexico (Cancun ROCKS!!) and I rented cell phones for my wife and I for this trip.

Our trip turned out great and the phones were absolutely great to have - and the ONLY way we were able to add minutes while we were still in the US (so that they would work when we landed in Mexico) was by buying them on Babblebug.

That's the good news. The link we needed to buy these minutes was provided by the place where we rented the phones ( and to be honest, I'm not sure I'd have found it any other way.

Anyway - great service (from Babblebug and from Mexitel) and would reccomend them highly to anyone going to Mexico in the near future.

Anonymous said...

We have had bad luck with our BabbleBug account.
They kept charging us, when we already had put money in. For example, the phone is used only occasionally, and when we would pick it up to use, after paying out $15.00, we were cut off, and told our minutes were used up. That gets pretty irritating, especially if the call is one of great importance.