Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tracfone Minutes\Phones for Sale

OK everyone! I'm back at my home in Texas now so I can start selling Tracfone minutes. If you want them, contact me at This will also be the PayPal address (that's probably the only payment method I'll accept). All PINs\codes will be emailed. All phones will be mailed probably using UPS, but I'm not quite sure on that yet. The main thing I want to do is sell minutes; you can get the phones off of for cheaper than I can provide them really, since all I'm doing is getting them from there anyway. For all minutes beside the real cards, I'll need ESN, phone # and expiration date. Once I get enough requests I'll start ordering with Tracfone. After which time things will be a lot faster. Though the real cards will always get sent faster than ESN minutes. And the variance between 140 and 200 minutes is because I'm not sure how many minutes promo codes will get me.

OK, so here are the cards\minutes and prices:

60 minute card (will email the PIN number, but it is a real card) - $10
120 minutes, ESN specific (refer a friend with one of my phones on the referring end) - $12
140-200 minutes, ESN specific (minute xfers from my phones) - 10 cents a minute (so $14-$20)
Nokia 1100 with 140-200 minutes - 10 cents a minute plus $10 (so $24-$30), shipped

As I said, just contact me via email, And as said, the first batches of minutes will take a few days but everything after that will be faster. Probably this weekend I'll put up a normal webpage for selling my stuff. Until then, just email me.

Also, I have too many phones! Below is a list of the phones (all in perfect or excellent condition) and prices that I want for them, shipped, with home charger:
Motorola c139 with 90+ units (95.7 now), low life timer - $25
Motorola i285 (Boost) with TeleNav, Racing Fever GT, farly low life timer, inactive SIM - $30
SOON - LG 225 STi Mobile w\lots of ringers, deactivated (but can be reactivated), car charger, leather case, data cable, Opera Mini, Google Local Mobile - $70 (no 90-day airtime junk)

Soon I'll be able to get other phones which may make me able to consolidate even more, so I may have another phone or two on sale soon. Support me (yeah, this site is free for me but I put a ton of work into it) and help me get enough money to, oh, review the Motorola c261 or some other nice new phone, which I will then eventually sell for pretty cheap here. Again, offers go to, which is also my PayPal address.

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