Friday, June 23, 2006

Tracfone Deals

Tracfone just updated their deals today. The Motorola c139 is back online, albeit at $30 instead of $20. The Motorola v170 is now free with your choice of either $50 (250 minute) or $100 (1 year) cards, refurbished. The Nokia 1100 is free with 1 year, 120 minute and 60 minute cards. This phone is also refurbished. Quite a selection.

The Nokia 2600 is also available, and it's now just $40 new...and it includes a starter kit (car charger, leather case, headset). The Motorola c155, similarly arrayed, is $30, but I would get the c139 because it is newer and is priced the same and has the same accessories.

And that is the extent of the new Tracfone deals.

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