Friday, June 09, 2006

Virgin Mobile Phones

Sorry for the delay; Blogger messed up yesterday and I was busy the day before. But here's a little bit of info:

This is going to be a short post becuse this company's phones aren't great. But they are cheap, at least some of them:

Refurb K7 Rave (black & white, old phone) - $20 (only includes $2.50 in airtime)
Refurb V5 Slider (color, old but still good phone) - $30 (again, only includes $2.50 in airtime)
Kyocera K10 Royale (color, cheapest phone with web ability) - $30 (see above)
Audiovox 8610 (not a great phone, though it is a color flip with external screen) - $50 (includes $10 in airtime)
Nokia Shorty (2116i, nice though basic black-and-white phone) - $50 (includes a whopping $40 in airtime)
Audiovox 8915 (Snapper, camera phone) - $100 (only $2.50 in airtime)
Kyocera Switch_back (ugly, though text-oriented, phone) - $150 (see above for airtime)
Kyocera Slider Sonic (music phone, pretty nice features) - Same price\etc as Switch_Back phone

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