Saturday, June 17, 2006

Tracfone: Even More Minutes For Your Money

Submitted by tr11, here's a way to get cheap airtime "to the max". I had heard of this method before but hadn't thought much of it...until now...

1) Buy a Nokia 1100 or two or three from Tracfone's website (for the first few phones shipping is a flat $5 so the more the marrier), you know the one with the 60-minute card included

2) Activate each phone, referring your old Tracfone for each new one (if you don't have an old Tracfone, email me and I'll give you the first referral you need, then have your remaining referral(s) point to the phone I referred)

3) Add the 60-minute cards to the phones they came with, in order to take advantage of the 30-minute promo code 54606 (promo codes can only be used once per phone)

4) Afer a few days or maybe a few weeks, call Tracfone and consolidate. Meaning tell them you want to transfer all your airtime for the phone(s) you bought to just one of your phones, be it your old Tracfone or the one I referred. This will be maybe a 20-minute call per phone, but most of that 20 minutes is spent on hold. Maybe 5 minutes is spent on the actual process.

5) Enjoy your vast supply of airtime, and ship the now-dead Nokia 1100s to me...halfway kidding...

So for each phone you would get 120 + 60 + 30 + 120 = 330 minutes of airtime. Factoring in shipping and tax and the DealKing $5 discount, buying just one phone and doing this with it yields a cool 6.67 cents a minute. Two phones? About 6.6 cents a minute flat.

If you're in a state where Tracfone doesn't charge tax, or if yoiu get free shipping on the phones your cost per minute will go even further down, even below 6 cents a minute. On "free shipping" deals you'll want to buy only one phone at a time to take best advantage of the DealKing promotion.

Nice...I think I may be ordering some 1100s fiarly soon...

As a postscript to the above, here's why I want people to mail me their dead Nokia 100s: with the appropriate hardware and software (have to find it but I know it's out there) I can turn Tracfone Nokia 1100s into unlocked normal Nokia 1100s. Nifty. And when I sell these newly unlocked and reflashed phones I'll give whoever sent them to me half the money. Sound good?

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