Wednesday, June 14, 2006

EVDO and Razrs and Bluetooth Oh My!

So you want EV-DO on can only get that with Amp'd...

If you want a Razr on prepaid, you have a few choices:
1. Get an unlocked Razr and put it on any Cingular or T-Mobile based prepaid (T-Mobile To Go, Cingular, Beyond Wireless GSM)
2. Get a branded Razr with Cingular or T-Mobile
3. Get the CDMA Razr (expensive) with Verizon or Alltel prepaids
4. Get the CDMA Razr for Verizon (expensive) and put it on PagePlus

I would personally go for the first option, as it's the cheapest.

If you want Bluetooth on prepaid, well the Razr has Bluetooth, the Boost i875 has Bluetooth, and a few other Cingular and T-Mobile phones (not necessarily the ones they sell for prepaid but go onto eBay and get the phone and the SIM card) have Bluetooth. Also, Verizon has some Bluetooth phones, as does Alltel, and you could put those phones onto PagePlus or U Prepaid, respectively. And the Amp'd Hollywood has Bluetooth. But Tracfone, Simple Freedom, cheaper PagePlus phones, cheaper Boost phones, all STi phones, and phones from lots of other prepaid carriers do not have Bluetooth. But there are a few carriers out there that do...

Why did I post this? Because I can see what people searched for to get to my website, so I can answer their questions fairly easily if I haven't answered them already on my site.

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