Saturday, June 17, 2006

Various Rants\News

1. Starting July 1st, T-Mobile will again shoot itself in the foot by zapping 15 minutes off the Gold Rewards amount for their $10 card. Right; now the 30-minute card supplies a mere 35 minutes in Gold Rewards. Granted, the cost per year is lower than Tracfone's 1-year card, but the cost per minute is not. Hmmm...with incoming text now costing and outgoing costing the same and vaporware roaming T-Mobile To Go just might shrivel up and die...or at least shrivel up halfway...the other half of the customers may not notice their balances going down faster than usual...or don't care all that much...

On this note, I'll probably be willing to sell my T-Mobile To Go SIM card in time for school to start, if things keep progressing the way they are. It will have around $25 on it and expire late July '07. It will most likely have about 85 minutes on it. The cost? $35 shipped, because of the Gold Rewards, which doesn't come cheap.

2. Brian Recchia, whose blog I posted about a few days ago, found a nice little helper for people who have such phones as the Tracfone Motorola c139, which I reviewed here a few days ago. It has to do with ringtones. His blog is at

3. Hedging the little bit of good information on both sides with rants, Blogger thinks this blog is a spam blog. I'm not in a terribly good mood now, but nonetheless it brings a chuckle or two. Artificial intelligence isn't perfect. So Blogger will have someone look at my blog, along with the other 150 some people per day, and once they look hopefully remove the somewhat annoying word verification box that I have had to fill out for the last few posts (I think the bug started today). Ah well,. such is life.

4. Just to prepare everyone, I'll be going to Boy Scout Summer Camp at Bear Creek (Texas) starting Sunday and ending Friday night, so don't be surprised if this blog lies silent for the intervening days. Though if Sprint works out there I may surprise everyone with a mobile post, or maybe I'll sit down at a regular computer (they have a computer lab there but it's not for everyone) and make a post. But don't count on it.

Next Sunday I'll be going to another camp, and there is roughly zero possibility of me posting from there. The next time I'll post after that will probably be the following Monday. But stay tuned, comment on my posts, and show your support for Go4Prepaid (read: click ads ;) ). See you people...

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