Saturday, June 17, 2006

STi 1xRTT Speeds

OK. This is almost for sure going to be my last post for awhile, but here goes:

I just speed tested my LG 225 on STi Mobile using four of the SpeakEasy servers (Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta) and here are the results:

Seattle: 20kbps down, 46 up
LA: 21 down, 69 up
Dallas: 22 down, 79 up
Atlanta: 17 down, 79 up

Interesting, huh? Brings a whole new meaning to asymetric connections. This time upstream bandwidth is broader than downstream!

But it seems that if you are downloading from or uploading to multiple sources the connection goes much faster. On a good BitTorrent torrent, using uTorrent, I got around 12 KB/s (kilobytes, not kilobits; 96 kilobits/second) both ways, and one time the connection spiked all the way up to 14.6 KB/s. Wait! That speed, 116.8 kbps, is supposedly faster than Windows 2000 will handle a modem! (115.2 kbps). So for normal web browsing the connection may actually be a tad slower than dialup, but that's OK considering that 1xRTT takes about 4 seconds to connect and dialup takes about 40. For uploads look for 1x to do twice to three times dialup speeds (v.92 allows for a maximum of 33.6 kbps upstream). And for multisource downloads with a fair number of fairly fast sources, watch as 1x leaves dialup generally in the dust, throttling up to 2.4x as fast as the theoretical limit of dialup, which is of course never obtained in real-world conditions though dialup may come close (this limit is 53 kbps).

hope this info helps. Now everyone have a nice week!

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